On Saturday, Scott Owens--who was acquitted last year of vehicular homicide in a 2009 car accident that killed four Santa Fe teens--was arrested and charged with DWI.


The Santa Fe New Mexican reports that Santa Fe police pulled Owens over for going 41 mph in a 30 mph zone on Siler Road. He was booked early Saturday morning and then released after posting the $2,000 bail.

Owens was a driver in a 2009 head-on collision that killed four Santa Fe teens. He was found to have a blood alcohol content of twice the legal limit several hours after the crash but was not charged with DWI. Last April, he was acquitted of vehicular homicide charges related to the crash.

Dan Koffman, the father of Avree Koffman, who was injured in the 2009 collision, says he's thankful to SFPD "and especially Sgt. Sean Strahon for protecting our community."

"I wish Owens' enablers would allow him to take responsibility for his actions and learn respect for life," Koffman continues in an email to SFR. "Who was the passenger who allowed him to drive that night? Who's going to pay for his legal fees this time?"

"The suffering, the loss just continues. For my friend John, nothing has gotten better. He heals a little and then something like this happens. We still miss Rose [Simmons, who was killed in the 2009 crash] every day. Please understand what he and the other families go through. Every day, many people think about their missing loved ones. It never goes away."