SFR continues its ongoing election coverage with a video of Santa Fe City Council District 1 candidates Houston Johansen and Patti Bushee answering voters' questions about their campaigns in a public forum.---

Each candidate is given three minutes for opening statements and two minutes to respond to each of the following questions:

• Why did you accept or decline public financing under the 2008 Charter Ammendment offering public financing that was approved by 63 percent of Santa Fe's voters?

• Are you aware of the bond questions on the ballot in March? Do you support them? How do you propose to pay for the operations and maintenance of these projects that would be built if the bonds passed in the elections?

• What do you bring to the table that your opponent doesn't?

• What experience do you have in budget and finance?

• What is your vision for developing a local or city-owned renewal energy grid?

• How can city councilors work in partnership with our school board to improve our educational system?

• What do you plan to do about addressing crime in the city?

• If elected, how would you continue to create the conditions for a healthier community?

Watch the video below, by SFR Video Intern Katie Cook, to see their responses.