Occupy Wall Street may be old news, but Occupy Santa Fe, now semi-permanently ensconced in the Railyard Park, is expanding in new directions.


This weekend, a series of workshops and teach-ins on a variety of topics will take place in and around the Railyard.

"I don't think we're going to stop with the protests and rallies, but, clearly, a very important next step is to really educate ourselves…on the myriad issues we're facing as a society and work towards solutions that are arising out of the people rather than from the top down," Donato Jaggers, "one of the many organizers" for OSF, says. "This weekend is just scratching the surface."

Below is a tentative schedule; check Occupy Santa Fe's Facebook page or website for additional details.


11 am – Inclusivity and diversity workshop with Jessica Lawless

Warehouse 21

1-3 pm – Presentation on Los Alamos National Laboratory by Jay Coghlan, executive director of Nuclear Watch New Mexico

Warehouse 21

3-4 pm – Discussion on climate change with Jeff Haas

Railyard Park


1 pm – Nonviolent direct action training with Erica Kay

The Tutorial School