Residents of Tesuque Pueblo Trailer Village, the mobile home community 10 miles north of Santa Fe, were supposed to resign new lease permits yesterday.


But the permits contain new requirements, including one that a resident who refused to be identified in fear of retaliation says has never been imposed before: proof of legal residency.

Residents weren't aware of the changes until Oct. 17, two weeks before the deadline, the anonymous resident tells SFR. A note from Tesuque Trailer Village Property Manager Dan Clavio outlines the new rules.

The note, obtained by SFR, says residents must provide "a copy of a document that shows Legal Residency status" to qualify for a new permit. All Tesuque Trailer Village residents were to have applied for new permits by Nov. 1.

According to a permit application obtained by SFR, the village can give 30-day notices to kick out residents for violating any of its rules. Residents viewed as "threats" can be kicked off village grounds within two days.

The new rules could break up families living in the village, the Tesuque Trailer Village resident says.

"Many of my neighbors will be losing their place to live," the resident says. "Families will be separated because some are undocumented and some are not."

Starting this month, trailer residents will also have to start paying $126 more in rent.

Tesuque Pueblo Trailer Village, which is operated under tribal government, contains roughly 130 trailer homes.

Clavio didn't return repeated calls from SFR.

View documents detailing the rent increases and legal status rules here: