Occupy Wall Street has made corporate greed into a rallying cry with a simple solution: If government won't act to get money out of politics, we will—by redirecting our own (albeit scarce) dollars. In reviewing executive compensation at the biggest public companies, SFR found that the best way to vote with our dollars is by doing what mothers have always said: Turn off the TV!

Highest-paid CEO at a publicly traded company, as reported by The New York Times in April:
Philippe Dauman (Viacom)
Amount Dauman made in 2010:
$84.5 million
Gap between Dauman’s compensation and the next-highest executive’s:
$8.4 million
Number of entertainment executives who ranked in the top seven for compensation:
Of the total compensation for the top seven, entertainment execs took home:
49 percent
Number of women who rank in the top 200 for executive compensation:
Number of men named John:
Amount Comcast spent respectively on executive compensation and lobbying in 2010:
$28.2 million, $12.9 million
Date the federal government approved Comcast’s merger with NBC:
Jan. 18, 2011