Gov. Susana Martinez doesn't have much to show from a special redistricting session that she packed with an ambitious agenda [news, Sept. 7: "Overcommitted"]. But one thing she did get was a capital outlay bill, albeit at less than half the size she originally wanted.

The bill, which will go toward state investment projects such as new state police vehicles, was sliced down from $213 million to $86 million in a Senate committee.

But its passage was enough for Martinez to make a victory post on her Facebook page. She also used the opportunity to separate herself from previous politicians.

"In the past," Martinez writes, "these funds were doled out as pork to individual politicians. This led to waste and even corruption."

Not everyone bought it.

"[H]ow about a 20 percent pay cut to all politicians, to help out the economy or work for min. wage like most of us hmm?" James Doorhy writes in a thread below the post.

"Bernalillo County Pays for 40% of Capital Outlay Projects and receives less than 2%," Mathew D Munoz adds.