If you're still in the process of figuring out your Friday night plans and want to save some cash, may we recommend attending tonight's free concert/movie combo of Kimya Dawson and Juno at Railyard Park?


The 2007 Jason Reitman-directed flick
was instrumental in breaking out the acting talents of intrepid Ellen Page, the screenwriting talents of ex-alt.weekly editor and ex-stripper (no, really) Diabo Cody, and the musical talents of Olympia, Wash.-based singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson.

Dawson, who is recognizable for her warm, child-like voice and taste for striking hairstyles, is responsible for much of Juno’s folky soundtrack either as a solo artist or as part of her former band, The Moldy Peaches. Her work was crucial in shaping the film’s proudly hip, indie-centric aesthetic, and a whole hell of a lot of people were evidently loved the results, as the Juno soundtrack went to the top of the US Billboard 200 charts. (The movie didn’t do so shabbily either, starting with a budget of $7.5 million and ending with $143 million in domestic gross.)

Dawson's performance kicks off the evening, with the screening of Juno to follow. Pick up those hamburger phones and urge your friends to come, too.

Kimya Dawson and Juno
6 pm
Friday, Sept. 23
Railyard Park
S Gualadulupe St. and Paseo de Peralta