Tired of the same old Zozobra? Head out today for one of New Mexico's most famous hash runs (as described in SFR's recent Sweat issue).


Since 1993, according to somewhat reliable sources, local chapters of the World Hash House Harriers, an organization that bills itself as "a drinking club with a running problem," have been getting to Zozobra the...interesting way.

Hashing, briefly explained, involves some combination of running, drinking and hilarity. (Click here to read about yours truly's strange hashing experience.) In the case of the Zozobra hash, runners travel from bar to bar until they arrive at Zozobra. All the while, hashers must attempt to follow a preset "trail" of chalk marks to their puppet-burning destination.

Interested? The runners (hashers, rather) will gather at Tiny's on Thursday at 6pm. Be sure to bring $5 "hash cash," plus an ID and a little extra money for the bars.

Can you think of a more intriguing way to arrive (or not) at Zozobra?