During countless recent conversations with deranged family members, dumb friends and the freakish Santa Fe populace, one question has been asked again and again: What's gonna happen with our local music scene?

Yeah, things are tough right now, but I don't think it's time to panic…yet.

Y’see, we still have one gleaming hope in the darkness: The Underground. Chris Quintana’s subterranean club, housed within the Evangelo’s basement, is now Santa Fe’s greatest hope for live music. Read on, dear readers, for the top five reasons why The Underground should be your favorite club.

It’s Dependable
“We’re booked solid for the next three months,” Quintana tells SFR. “With Corazón closing, we picked up a lot of shows, and it’s insane the amount of stuff you’ll be able to see.” The Underground has already cracked the hardest part of our nightlife conundrum by providing regularity without sacrificing variety. No longer will you be forced to wonder whether or not something is happening, Santa Fe; you’ll just know.

There’s Variety
Thanks to the efforts of Quintana and promoters such as Johnny Pink, The Underground has thus far been the only club to regularly open its doors to hip-hop, punk and rockabilly. Considering other clubs’ apparent obligation to provide what may as well be the same fucking band every single night, this is exciting. You can find DJ Luna fueling a dance party, Chango reminding you of your love for The Cars or touring psychobilly act Three Bad Jacks performing astonishing feats of double bass acrobatics. I’m certainly not the only Santa Fean who has a long list of musical styles I’d like to hear live.

It’s Loved by Musicians
“The people of Santa Fe need a chance to get out to see live music and a dedicated place to do just that,” Ted Vigil of pop-punk act Beautiful Stupid Radio says. “Chris Q has always loved music and always given bands—regardless of genre—a place to play.” If there’s a club that even the bloodthirsty musicians of this town (joke!)can get behind, it’s the kind of club you need to get in on. The Underground is even the new host of the beloved Santa Fe institution The Reggae Party. Hosted by DJs Joe Ray Sandoval and Dynamite Sol, this night of dancehall, roots and more has proved popular enough to spill into Evangelo’s. 

“The Underground speaks to such a large audience,” Sandoval says. “Santa Fe nightlife will continue like it always has. People just need to adapt to changing times.”

It’s Within City Limits
Sol Santa Fe Stage & Grill has already started doing incredible things for live music, but—and let’s be honest—you can’t always make it out there. I shudder at the prospect of driving anyplace that takes longer than seven minutes to get to. Plus, depending on how many friends you came with, you’re looking at a one-in-fourish chance at not being able to enjoy the local libations. Yikes. While you’re all wondering who gets the short end of the designated driver stick, remember that The Underground is centrally located. You can walk there if you live anywhere near downtown or take a cab without emptying your wallet.

It’s Cool and Intimate
Have you been down there? It’s awesome! There’s a punk-show-in-a-basement vibe going on that makes just about any event more exciting. When you’re standing six inches away from a passionate singer or a skilled hip-hop emcee, you begin to feel like you’re part of the music. This close-quarters aspect adds heaps of energy to any show, and The Underground offers this element seven nights a week.