A woman allegedly attacked anti-abortion protesters outside an Albuquerque abortion clinic yesterday, according to a press release and video being circulated by the protest group.---
In the video, Bud Shaver of Project Defending Life shows a gash on his head allegedly made by the woman's keys. As SFR previously reported, Project Defending Life opened a new center last week across the street from UNM Center for Reproductive Health, a clinic that also performs abortions. In this instance, PDL members were stationed near Southwestern Women's Options. In the video, the fanny-pack wearing woman can be heard yelling "How dare you...I am sick of you guys, and "[Expletive] take my picture, you [expletive]...I'll see you in court."

A woman named Susan answering the phone at Southwestern Women's Options, who declined to give her last name, tells SFR that the clinic's policy is not to make statements to the press.

"We prefer just to quietly do our thing and not get involved in the hype and the rhetoric that's out there about abortion," Susan says.

Bud Shaver did not immediately return a call for comment. Earlier today, PDL spokeswoman Tara Shaver took issue with SFR's coverage of its new center opening, writing in an email that PDL volunteers do not wear white lab coats and deliver pregnancy test results within five to 10 minutes.