A fire destroyed the home of Cara Levick and Paul Feathericci, the latter better known as DJ Feathericci, Friday, June 3. Both were unharmed but they lost their two dogs. Santa Fe is chipping in this Saturday at Corazón with a show to benefit a DJ who has frequently played for the benefits of others.---

Many local musicians will take the stage, including Maynard Del Mar, DJ Dirt Girl, Bacon, Neegs, 13 Pieces, Mute Swuan, The Infektor, Sisko Kid & Teddy, No Name. Feathericci has performed fundraisers with many of these musicians before and now the community is giving back.

Local businesses including Undisputed Fitness, Four Star Tattoo, Salon Del Mar, The Candyman, Stepbridge Studios, the Center for Contemporary Arts, Ross Hamlin, Peter Williams, Papabubble NYC, Bash, La Boca, Sadie and Amber & Pet, have also contributed prizes for a raffle and silent auction.

"This event is as much about the vast compassion and generosity of the Santa Fe community as it is about our tragedy," Feathericci tells SFR. "The support we feel from everyone has lifted us up higher than we could have possibly imagined. Cara and I thank you so much for helping us to heal."

At the time of the fire at their home east of Eldorado, Feathericci was on tour with local experimental outfit D Numbers, which is currently on tour in Europe for its album Onda, but he has since returned to Santa Fe.

"I found out from Cara online after waking up in Sarajevo, Bosnia," Feathericci  says.

Both Feathericci and Levick are currently staying at Sage Inn.

Fortunately the house was insured for the fire, Feathericci says, but the couple isn't sure how much the insurance will cover. They plan to use the fundraised money to cover additional expenses of rebuilding their home and losses.

"If there's extra money," Feathericci says, "we will think of a way to share it with our community."

8 pm
Saturday, June 12

$10 suggested donation

401 S Guadalupe St.

21 or with a guardian