Two young fish run into an older fish who asks, “How’s the water?” The young fish continue on and one says to the other, “What the hell is water?” The point of this parable is that sometimes the most obvious things are the most difficult to understand. The parable fittingly forms the basis and title of an interdisciplinary art event this weekend geared at the Santa Fe River: How’s the Water.---

The event includes installation art and performance rituals by a number of Santa Feans, including  Matthew Chase Daniel, Don Kennell, Chrissie Orr, Rulan Tangen, Dominique Mazeaud, Aimee Conlee and Bobbe Besold.

Besold, who also curates the event, says the it's aimed at bringing awareness to the critical water situation facing Santa Fe River and the world, namely that much of the world's water is undrinkable and it's a resource that needs protecting.

"Most Americans know water is essential to life but," she says. "If it were really that intrinsically important to each person, would they really be treating water the way they treat it?"

Mayor David Coss will be on hand encouraging people to use trail system and get more exercise.

10:30 am-noon

Saturday, June 4


Santa Fe River

Alameda Street from Old Santa Fe Trail to Don Gaspar Avenue