You may know Zane Fischer as the cranky old bastard who used to write Zane's World, but he's also an iPad evil genius. (And actually not that old.) Check him out in action this weekend--or, if you prefer, one-up him with a better app.


This weekend, the City of Santa Fe, MIX, the New Mexico Tech Council and a bunch of other important people (like the mayor) will host the state's first mobile apps challenge.

The idea: to design the best mobile app.

The incentive: "thousands of $ and other prizes to encourage local developers to build applications to help serve the needs of the local community," according to the event web page.

Why you should care: If a Zane Fischer sighting isn't enough to motivate you, try this: Anyone with a gmail address can sign in here to suggest which app(s) you think Santa Fe needs. Maybe you need an app that monitors the beer choices at Second Street. Maybe you want one that helps connect you with locals of the same IQ. Maybe IQ isn't so important as long as you know which city streets to take if you want to avoid the harmful effects of wi-fi (see below). In short, you have a stake in making mobile Santa Fe a better place. (Already, 103 people have submitted ideas.)

There's a larger import, too. Take it from the guru himself:

"I see the apps challenge as emblematic of the direction we're moving in--how do we transfer energy, recognition and start-up cash to innovators, entrepreneurs and creative industries that have the potential to generate high-paying jobs for young and mid-career professionals in Santa Fe?" Fischer, the co-organizer of MIX and web editor at SFR, says.

"I see the event as a way to engage the community in how to consider information sharing, activism, promotion and news across different, complementary platforms," he adds. "Mobile data delivery and consumption is growing exponentially compared to the traditional internet, and I'd like to see Santa Fe get out in front of that."

Caveat: If you're one of those lovely Santa Feans who's angry about wi-fi, iPhones, Steve Jobs and the fact that once a photo on the cover of the Santa Fe Reporter contained a wardrobe malfunction, you may not be interested in this event.

More info: Visit or contact MIX at