You may have gone dancing for happy hour, but probably not quite like this. Dance, cardio exercise and margaritas collide at Zumba Happy Hour. ---

Gym at Eldorado Group Fitness Manager Jackie Camborde is one of several Zumba instructors leading the dance-workout happy hour session. She sees Zumba as lending itself naturally to a nightclub dance party.

"What we've done is a twist on a typical Zumba class, taking it into a nightclub setting," Camborde says, "so people can take their enthusiasm, dress up a little and make it more of a social scene rather than just workout."

This is the fourth Zumba Happy Hour, after a three-month hiatus since January. Camborde hopes to make the event more regular in the future, depending on Corazón's schedule.

"I've been teaching fitness classes for 17 years and Zumba is the most fun I've ever had as a fitness instructor," Camborde says. "It's a blast. You never think you're working out; you're just dancing and having a good time."

Zumba Happy Hour welcomes everyone from experienced Zumba pros to those who have never heard of it before. Camborde sees the event as a perfect introduction to the dance.

"It's a really fun way to start Zumba if you're concerned about getting in a gym under bright lights and being on display," Camborde says. "Just expect really great music with a strong rhythm and lots of friendly people who are rooting for you to succeed."

The event is ages 21 and up. Attendees are encouraged to dress to impress…but also to sweat.

Zumba Happy Hour6:30-8:30 pmFriday, April 15$5Corazón401 S Guadalupe St.983-4559