This morning, the Albuquerque news outlet KRQE reported that former Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano's daughter, Sylvia, was "in trouble" for using counterfeit $20 bills at restaurants in Albuquerque. But Albuquerque police say the report is unconfirmed.


In a video posted on YouTube (scroll down to watch), KRQE shows Sylvia Solano's Facebook profile photo while identifying her as "the daughter of former Santa Fe Sheriff Greg Solano." Both the video clip and KRQE's online news story spell her name "Silvia," but her own Facebook profile and her father's now-defunct blog both spell it "Sylvia."

A search of (for both spellings) turns up only one result: a domestic violence case filed back in 2000 for a Sylvia Solano born in 1958.

Albuquerque Police Public Information Officer Trish Hoffman tells SFR she's gotten a few calls on the alleged warrant, but that she hasn't yet figured out if Solano's daughter is truly in trouble.

"I haven't been able to determine if that's actually accurate," Hoffman says. "No detectives have sent me anything. I'm trying to verify it."

Neither Greg Solano's attorney, Brooke Gamble, nor Sylvia Solano immediately responded to SFR's requests for comment.

Here's the video, via KRQE: