Amnesty International New Mexico combines music and philanthropy for a concert—and mission—Stop Violence Against Women. Santa Fe and Albuquerque bands Lost Lingo, The Right to Arm Bears, State of the Mingo and Ahniwake perform to raise money for anti-domestic violence efforts at Amnesty International and Esperanza Shelter for Battered Families, among others.---

"We were looking for local bands who are kind of lighthearted, because women's violence is a serious issue, but we didn't want the concert itself to be depressing," event organizer and Amnesty International New Mexico Student Activist Coordinator Alanna Offield says. "We want people to have fun."

Santa Fe's hip-hop outfit State of the Mingo offers a funny and irreverent stage show while The Right to Arm Bears demonstrates how post-rock is done. As for Albuquerque, Lost Lingo combines hip hop, funk, and rock into a psychedelic mash and Ahnawake just plain rocks out.

The event pairs music with education. Resources are available at the concert to educate people about domestic violence.

"We want to provide material for the local community, so people who are interested will know what to do if you're in a domestic violence situation or if you know or hear about one," Offield says. Additionally, she says, these issues don't end in our backyard.

The Stop Violence Against Women campaign is one of Amnesty International's oldest and farthest-reaching, stretching back to the 1990s and across the globe. Their recent efforts have included "Maze of Injustice," a report highlighting previously marginalized sexual violence against Native American women, and pushing for legislation to make rape kits more easily accessible. Currently, Amnesty is petitioning nations to sign the International Violence Against Women Act.

"Basically, it's an international promise from countries that they will make stopping violence against women and girls a priority," Offield says. "We're pushing for the United States to take a strong stand on that."

Take your own stand at this Albuquerque concert.

Stop Violence Against Women

7:30-11 pmFriday, Feb. 25


Albuquerque Warehouse2022 Columbia St. SE, Albuquerque325-280-2559