Even as glaciers melt, climate change deniers persist to spout misinformation. Fortunately, environmental scientist Steven Rudnick and his upcoming lecture “Climate Chaos: What’s Happening Out There!” step in to straighten them out.---
Accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation loaded with figures and graphs, the lecture calls to mind Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and Rudnick embraces the comparison.

I give more recent information and I’m coming at this from the position of a scientist as opposed to a politician," he says, "but one can never separate this issue from policy and policy is ultimately political.”

Rudnick, a PhD in environmental science and a seven-year director of environmental studies at the University of Massachusetts-Boston, created the lecture out of frustration with climate change denial.
“I have strong feelings about all the misinformation that’s out there. I don’t think science is necessarily totally objective but I think it’s more objective than what we’re seeing,” Rudnick says. “Everybody’s using the same thermometers and they’re all showing global warming.

Rudnick uses hard, rigorously documented science to make his case.
“Despite what deniers suggest, there is very little disagreement among the vast majority of scientists,” he says. “There is a scientific method, well-defined by centuries of science and, according to that scientific method, global warming is a reality.  Deniers say ‘this is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong,’ but they haven’t shown me a defensible scientific model suggesting that climate change is not taking place.
Learn how to make your own case to climate change deniers at Rudnick's lecture.
Climate Chaos: What’s Happening Out There!
2-4 pm
Thursday, Feb. 10
St. John’s Methodist Church
1200 Old Pecos Trail,