Each week, a "group of liberal thinkers" gather for Sunday Mornings @ The Travel Bug, a lecture series set on exploring human values and reasonability in a diverse variety of subjects. This Sunday, local author Alice Ladas presented to the group "The Disclosure Conference," a short video on the US government's cover-up of UFOs with interviews from actual intelligence officials.---

Alice Ladas is not exactly an expert on UFOs. Her two books, The G Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality and Breastfeeding: The Less Available Option, hardly breach the subject. But that doesn't mean she has never experienced an extraterrestrial life form personally.

"I was in a taxi going south on Park Avenue with my cousins. Flying from west to east, my cousins, myself and the taxi driver observed a cigar-shaped object with many windows flying noiselessly over Grand Central Station," Ladas explains. "We were all three astonished. My cousin is no longer alive, and I never thought to get the name of the taxi driver. But this event started me reading everything I could get my hands on on the subject of UFOs."

From this point forward, she has kept the existence of UFOs out of the realm of fantasy. On Sunday, Ladas brought ufologist Steven M. Greer's 2001 film "The Disclosure Conference" to her favorite lecture group.

The film consists of a collection of interviews from several dozen ex-government officials, from Marines to Air Force officers to FAA air traffic controllers. They describe, in varying degrees of detail, instances of government conspiracies, cover-ups, alien spacecraft recoveries and, of course, abductions.

The film was met with both belief and skepticism by members .

"According to this cosmology book [I read in college], our stars are separated by 10 light years. Unless an extra terrestrial intelligence has developed a real supreme technology, that kind of distance is almost impossible for life as we know it," Travel Bug representative James Keele says. "If you're going 1/8 [the speed of light], a small pebble has the force of a nuclear explosion. Therefore, travel from another planet is very improbable, while life on another planet somewhere is very probable."

On the other hand, one German attendee, who preferred to remain nameless, offered an alternative theory.

"I think there is secret and there is top-secret and there is top-top-top secret. And this aliens, these flying saucers, these secret studies came from Germany," he explains. "German experts created ET-type human beings who can go over high speeds. That's my take on it. The rest is preposterous."

Regardless of what you believe, Sunday Mornings @ The Travel Bug encourages individuals to open their minds and their hearts to all who wish to hear.

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