Past midnight Monday through Thursday, you don't have to go home but you can't stay at


The popular bar, music venue and restaurant is altering its weekday hours in response to the season and the fatal crash three weeks ago.


"We're addressing some seasonal issues and some other issues we've been part of, issues regarding the two gals from [three] weeks ago," co-owner Barry Secular tells SFR. "'There's certainly some backlash over that, some concern for later nights. "

Despite Cowgirl staff evidently behaving above and beyond protocol, Secular declined further comment about the accident's relationship to the change in hours.

Friday-Sunday hours will remain the same (1:30 am Friday and Saturday; 11 pm Sunday; midnight Monday-Thursday), Secular says, but he will "continue to re-evaluate, night by night and certainly on a seasonal basis." He says hours will likely return to normal in May.

"Santa Fe is basically a two-season town: either winter or not winter."

But where are late-night bar crawlers gonna go?

"I'm not even going to speculate; hopefully they'll go home," Secular says.

Cowgirl BBQ
319 S. Guadalupe St.