In mid-November, Little Wing's director needed $3,000 to finance scholarships for the winter Rock School program, which teaches kids and adults the wonder of rock 'n' roll. With the help of and over 35 contributors, the program now survives for some winter jamming.---

Candyman's Rock School program, which began this summer, teaches students about the world of rock in a self-designed (but professionally instructed) curriculum. With the help of Candyman music store, Little Wing director rosS Hamlin created the Little Wing space as an inexpensive venue for performers, instructors and artists alike to collaborate in a single  space.

After hearing about from a friend, Hamlin set up a 45-day donation drive with a goal of $3,000. With the help of students, friends and family, the goal was reached in the final few days.

"The donations benefit the facility. We've got new track lighting, floors, etc. But most of it goes to student scholarships," says Hamlin. "It's aimed at the students who can't afford the $300 tuition. We just want to get an instrument in their hands and get them playing."

With the help of a few other instructors, Hamlin brings in roughly two dozen students for an intensive six-week session, ending in a live concert for all of the bands. Between learning how to form and name a band to learning covers and writing original songs, students have everything they need to hit the stage running at the end of the class.

"It gets the kids working together," Hamlin says. "They have the motivation already. They just don't know how to facilitate the band-making process. They need leadership."

Rock School's first session ended with live shows at Coraz√≥n. Many of the three-four member bands formed last summer continue to play, including power-trio Falling Few and VIP Bomb Squad.

But don't think that this is just a school for rock.

"We titled the first session 'After-school-of-rock' because of the pop culture implications," Hamlin says. "But we're completely open to jazz, country and what-not. Whatever the students want to do."

Candyman Rock Band Classes
Beginning Monday, Jan. 10