Early this morning, just outside Taos, another car accident resulted in a fatality. According to Taos County Undersheriff Edwardo Romero, 27-year-old Travis Aubry was alone when a collision threw him from his vehicle. Romero says Aubry passed away at the scene.


The call, Romero says, came around 6:46 am.

"Because of the skid marks and the path of the vehicle, it was definitely speed [that] was the cause of the accident," Romero tells SFR. Romero says the sheriff's office does not suspect that alcohol was involved.

Memorial services have not yet been scheduled.

To those who knew him, Aubry was always upbeat, creative and fun. He was a fearless and gifted skier and a warm and generous friend with a love of life that shone through everything he did. He had the type of winning smile that could charm almost anyone, and he always used his charisma for good.

We'll miss you, Travis.

(photos courtesy Travis Aubry's Facebook page)