The calculations and plans behind restructuring New Mexico's state government...


A lot of relevant info on government restructuring plans can be found at the Government Restructuring Task Force's page on the New Mexico Legislature website. The most recent bill drafts aren't up yet--SFR obtained hard copies of the lengthy new ones, including the plan to consolidate Game & Fish with the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, at last week's meeting--but a lot of what's discussed in this week's article is available via the list of handouts for the Oct. 14-15 meeting.

The legislative task force is separate from the similarly-christened commission called by Gov. Bill Richardson last year, but there's still plenty of overlap. Many of the ideas currently circulating in the Legislature derive from the older commission, led by former New Mexico Gov. Garrey Carruthers, and its final report, released this January:

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Stay tuned for the final reports of Martinez' restructuring team and the legislative task force.