Marcia McCoy hosts a Source in Silence Energy Session in a small room of an insurance office. Last week, I attended one such meeting and got a clear sense of the energy in the room.---

I've never been one to believe in extrasensory abilities. If you were to cast me as Scully or Mulder, I'd always play the part of the skeptic. That said, going into the Source in Silence Energy Session requires an open mind and an open spirit, so that's what I did.

It starts, of course, in silence (which continues throughout the session). I enter a room where I'm the youngest person by a few decades. Alongside me sit an elderly couple and another single woman. We begin with 15 minutes of silence. "It's a period to reflect and calm down the mind," McCoy says.

After a lot of silence—interrupted only by a few rings of a bell—McCoy stands and locks the door. This is where the fun begins.

We all rise to our feet, open our eyes and extend our energies into the center of the group. McCoy begins the process by making extended eye contact with all participants. I'm third in line.

The first woman seems to relax her entire body as she stares into McCoy's deep brown eyes. Her shoulders drop and she begins to sway as McCoy extends her Source into her. When her husband experiences it, he begins to shake. First lightly, but then violently. He has to call it off and sits down, removing from the energies.

McCoy looks at me. Well, it's almost as though she looks through me. I look at her, and she looks at me with those impossibly unblinking eyes. Her arms extend and I can tell that she's doing her thing.

Then it happens.

Well, something happens. As she stares at me, a bead of cold sweat runs down my spine. My heart rate increases, and I begin to get warm in the cold room. The sweat turns becomes more and more intense, but only along my back. I'm not sure if it was purely psychosomatic—me wanting a reaction so I got one—but indeed her gaze made a physiological change in my body.

She breaks eye contact, satisfied with her work. This continues for 20-30 minutes, those eyes moving back and forth between the four of us.

And then it's all over. McCoy beckons us to sit and we all reflect on what just happened. The door is unlocked and we all trickle into the dark, cold night.

I drove home in silence, of course: no radio, just the sounds of my own breathing and the road. I'm not sure if McCoy's Source in Silence Energy Session made a profound impact on my life, but I am definitely more relaxed and stress-free. After all, isn't that what counts?

Source in Silence Energy Sessions
6 pm Monday-Thursday
220 Otero St.