Today, the national Drug Policy Alliance released a new political ad aimed at publicizing Susana Martinez' stance against New Mexico's medical cannabis program.


Watch the ad, which features Dr. Steve Jenison (a member of the cannabis program's Medical Advisory Board) and a sampling of patients, here.

There's no embed code available, so for now, here's the transcript (courtesy of DPA):

DISABLED NAVY VETERAN: I'm in constant pain from service to my country.
DISABLED CONSTRUCTION WORKER: I'm disabled with a spinal injury.
SENIOR CITIZEN: I've got full-blown AIDS.
WORKER: But we are lucky to live in New Mexico...
VETERAN: Because medical marijuana is the only treatment...
SENIOR CITIZEN: ...that works for us.
DOCTOR: We have the best and tightest-run program in America. It's a model for the rest of the country.
WORKER: Now Susana Martinez wants to take away my medicine.
VETERAN: Don't take away my medicine.
SENIOR CITIZEN: I just want to hold my grandchildren.
DOCTOR: How much suffering is enough?