Mix equal parts D Numbers—voted 2010 “Best Experimental Band” by SFR readers—with “Best Bar for Live Music/Best Place to Dance” Corazón, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for good times—as long as your plans don’t involve dancing.---

Fresh off a tour through Eastern Europe, D Numbers returned home to play a night-long show at local club Corazón last Saturday. Drawing from a wide range of musical genres, the experimental band uses drums, a handful of guitars and, most importantly, MacBooks to create a rich hybrid of rock and electronica.

The experimental nature of D Numbers' tunes, however, didn't make the cut for many club-goers.

"You can't dance to this music. It sounds good, but what am I supposed to do? Stand around and drink and watch them play on their computers? I want to party!" patron Natta Tengtrakul says.

On Saturday nights, Santa Feans of all types are at Corazón: from local rave crowds to off-duty service-industry workers to young tourists pointed there by a savvy concierge. Perhaps because of Corazón's recent title as Best of Santa Fe's "Best Place to Dance," regulars have built up a routine for Saturdays.

"Drink, smoke and dance till they kick me out," Corazón regular Jeff Bourne says.

Presented with a crowd built up with expectations for a dance-party, the members of D Numbers had their work cut out for them. The performance follows a season of Saturday house/dance music, including the stylings of DJ John Hawley, DJ Feathericci and, of course, Dub Wars night.

The disparity between the band and its audience was clear all night on the dance floor. In the front row, D Numbers fans and rolling ravers rocked out while the rest of the crowd just bobbed their heads.

"This isn't some DJ or some rock band. It's somewhere in between, and it sucks." local partier Jeff Assad tells SFR. "That said, they'd rock the fuck out of a yoga studio."

SFR music columnist Alex De Vore voiced his concerns against such complaints.

"Since when does going out to a show mean you have to dance? Open your ears," De Vore says.

Next time you head to a D Numbers show (and trust me, you should—its rock/electronica stylings have won over fans world-wide), leave your reservations and your dancing shoes at the door.