The flier first caught the eye of Santa Fe activist Sloan Cunningham as she perused a local bulletin board. It announces a 5-6 pm, Oct. 13 candidate reception for Republicans John Sanchez and Dianna Duran—candidates for lt. gov. and secretary of state, respectively—in Sunflower Market's DeVargas Center parking lot.

Cunningham posted the flyer to Facebook, sparking debate over whether (Santa Fe) supermarkets and (Republican) politics should mix.

Thread participant Honey Ward investigated by calling Sunflower and reporting back that, according to the store's director, Kim Prall, Sunflower is not a sponsor of the event and, Ward writes, "The organization which printed the flyers has retraced the statement of sponsorship by the store, written a letter of apology, and promised to quit distributing the flyers."

A call to SFFRW was returned via voicemail by a woman identifying herself only as Elaine, who confirmed the event is not sponsored by the supermarket.

Sunflower's Prall also confirms to SFR the market is not sponsoring the event, but also says no such event is happening outside the store. Sanchez' campaign manager, however, tells SFR the candidate is indeed scheduled for the meet and greet, and that it is being held outside Sunflower.