This week,


the obstacles New Mexico veterans face in receiving VA benefits.

For some veterans, it's just knowing what's available—but others, like Pedro Martinez, say they're reluctant to contact an agency that's already too busy to handle its existing claims. Today, a

from the US Government Accountability Office bears that out—and

offers some insight into why it's so hard for veterans to get the benefits to which they're entitled.


Across the country,

about veterans' benefits has tended to focus on backlogs—a widespread and, according to the GAO, endemic aspect of the VA's labyrinthine claims process.


better training could help

streamline that system—but according to the GAO report,

claims processors are dubious about the efficacy of their training

—and there's little training oversight from the Veterans Benefits Administration. Perhaps most concerning is that

many claims processors reported that their workload doesn't even allow them enough time to complete required training.

For more, check out SFR's highlighted notes in the full report, below.

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