Robin Duda’s new one-woman show, My Parts are Having a Party!, chronicles the difficulties she faces as a struggling mother, a dedicated “world-saver” and a psychic healer. Her show plays for two nights only at the Railyard Performance Center.---

Robin Duda had a life-changing experience in 1990. While performing The Lorax at her local children's venue in celebration of the first Earth Day, Duda stepped on a bottle cap. Everything would have been fine except for (1) the sharp edges of the bottle cap pierced an ungrounded electrical cable and (2) Duda was barefoot. As thousands of volts of electricity coursed through her body, Duda's spirit was taken elsewhere.

"I could feel the electricity going zoom up through my body," Duda says. "My soul was lifted right out of my body. And instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I saw a dark void. I went back into the womb and had a conversation with what I call 'The Source.'"

During Duda's near-death experience, which took mere moments here on our Earthly plane, The Source explained the nature of her newfound gifts and showed Duda her own soul.

When she returned to her body, everything was different.

"My psychic gift activated immediately," Duda says. "It was an explosion of awareness. I could see the spirits of plants and communicate with them. I could see the souls of other people. And I could see my own soul as well."

Duda's one-woman play continuously returns to the theme of death and re-birth, which she attempts to explain using the wisdom she has acquired since the accident. Over the last 20 years, she says she has used her gift to heal people across the country, from cancer-stricken patients and elderly people confronting end-of-life difficulties to individuals abducted by the CIA and aliens. She hopes her own personal experiences will help viewers of the play make changes in their own lives.

"I learned that it was my duty to get people['s souls] back into their bodies," Duda explains. "I've learned how to love parts of me that I used to hate. If you can find and love the shadow inside yourself, you can love the shadow inside another."

So head to the Railyard Performance Center, find the shadow inside yourself and learn to love it. Then maybe you too can open your soul up to the world, to ghosts and to all the spirits around us.

8-9:30 pm

Friday and Saturday, Sept. 10 and 11


Railyard Performance Center

1611 Paseo de Peralta