If you're unemployed,

pay attention to your phone

tonight. SFR has just learned that the New Mexico

, in an effort to get people with exhausted unemployment benefits back on the rolls,

plans to open its call center tomorrow.

"We're trying to specifically target claimants who might be eligible" for

newly extended benefits

, DWS spokeswoman Joy Forehand tells SFR.


This morning, SFR visited Santa Fe's unemployment office on DeVargas, where a line wrapped around the building long before it was scheduled to open. Turns out

it's practically impossible to get through

to the unemployment call center, especially since Workforce Solutions announced, on July 30, an

through November for people who had already exhausted theirs.

That, combined with today's

about job losses, has swamped unemployment offices across the country, Forehand says. Though DWS has already handled 5,500 of the 8,000 people who should be eligible to extend their benefits, she says, there's still a lot of work to be done. That's the rationale behind opening the call center from

8 am to 4 pm tomorrow

, Forehand says.

Eligible beneficiaries should receive an automated phone call

about this tonight.