Here at SFR, we're more accustomed to telling you what you


do—go to the


to the music—rather than what you shouldn't. But because I'd want someone to warn me before I waded through 10,000 kids to pick up a prescription, the Weekend Avoider exhorts you:

Stay away from Walmart and Office Depot. And not because they're not local.


Dying of curiosity yet? The reason is

a three-day tax holiday on affordable back-to-school stuff.

From a press release the Guv's office just sent out:

Nontaxable items include: clothing and footwear less than $100; school supplies such as pens and paper less than $15 that are typically used in a classroom setting; computers $1000 or less; as well as assorted computer equipment $500 or less. The price limits are for each item – not the total amount spent for all purchases.

The tax break starts

tonight at midnight

and goes until midnight Sunday.


The Weekend Avoider is directed toward people who abhor large crowds of other people and is not intended to discriminate against people with, say, screaming children.