Two months after losing the June primary election to Republican Tom Mullins of Farm-ington, the Iraq war veteran-turned anti-war protester-turned-Tea Party organizer-and-Congressional candidate Adam Kokesh has started a new gig: talk radio host.

Kokesh tells SFR he has launched himself “headlong into punditry” with the start this week of his new hour-long show on KIVA 1550 AM. The show is called—no joke—Adam Vs The Man. Airing weekdays from 3-4 pm, Kokesh follows travel agent-turned-consumer advocate Clark Howard and leads into another new talk show by another failed candidate: state Rep. Janice Arnold-Jones, R-Bernalillo, who lost to Susana Martinez a bid to be her party’s gubernatorial nominee.

On a July 24 “warm up” show, Kokesh copped to being more entertaining than electable. “What are my qualifications for this? I really can’t say, except that I’m a professional blowhard, I’m a talented windbag and I just don’t know when to shut up,” Kokesh says.