Fill in the Blank:

"____ has worked for and with every Governor since Gov. Jerry Apodaca," the press release reads.

Ready for the answer? Dorothy "Duffy" Rodriguez, a former deputy secretary at the Department of Health who earlier this year was at the center of two whistleblowers' allegations of nepotism and fraud. (Read SFR's coverage here.)


So far, neither allegation has been proven—but when Rodriguez left the DOH in April, many of the comments on were euphoric.

"Duffy...was a corrupt bully who was feared by all in the agency," one commenter wrote. Another described the news as "too good to be true!"

But Rodriguez has a brand new job: Secretary of the Taxation and Revenue Department, where she'll replace Rick Homans—who in turn will take over from Steven Landeene as director of the New Mexico Spaceport Authority, according to a press release from the Governor's office. And the wheel turns.