It's the most wonderful time in four years.  This Friday, the world will stop whatever it is doing, gather around the TV and cheer on

32 countries for this summer's World Cup in South Africa

.  Being the main patrons of culture in this town, SFR is not missing out on the fast-paced action; we are looking for a place to watch since we can't be in

South Africa

ourselves.  For the next month we will be on a quest to find Santa Fe's best venue to enjoy some grub and world-class soccer.

Not only is this World Cup historical because of its first-ever location on the African continent, but it will also serve as a background to many global political conflicts being played out in the world's game.  Who can forget the past symbolic victories of Senegal over Old World colonizer France, Iran's victory over the US during the Gulf War or Argentina winning the final over England only a few years after the Falkland Islands conflict?  These legendary games reaffirm that this sport is so much more than just athletic competition.

For most of the world, soccer is much more than mere sport; it is a source of national pride and a theater with a cast of colorful characters as well as many unique stories and dramas.  While many people around the world will be scrambling to find a radio or TV to tune into the cup, we here in Santa Fe have many options and can choose from a long list of different venues, fare and drink.

Which is why I have made it

my quest as an SFR intern to find the best place in Santa Fe to watch the World Cup.

This will be an ongoing blog series with a new entry or two every week about a different restaurant or bar to watch the action.  If you have any suggestions for Santa Fe world cup venues by all means e-mail us at

and put "world cup" as the subject.

Kickoff starts this Friday when host South Africa plays Mexico at 8:00 am Mountain Time.

My prediction? How do you say spoiler in Spanish?