I haven't eaten three meals in the same place since grad school but on Thursday, I did manage breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Tune Up Cafe (formerly Dave's Not Here). I have to admit, none of the meals let me down. I was there at 7 am when they opened and read a manuscript while enjoying the huevos rancheros served up by the lovely and talented Aimee. In my opinion, best huevos in town. Then, after my daughter Poppy graduated from 8th grade (with no felonies!), we went back, sat outside and I enjoyed a turkey club with green chile. The turkey was thick and moist and freshly carved. My wife Lala had a seasonally fresh greek salad. Poppy had a tuna melt sans cheese & my son London had a bean and cheese quesadilla. Slices of carrot and chocolate cakes later, everybody was happy. I had to attend a baccalaureate at the Greer Garson Theater at 5 so post-spectacle, my friend, colleague and Dynamic Kettlebell Fitness instructor Mark suggested the Tune Up so I said "What the Hell?" (not out loud) and went for the trifecta. A few barley sodas on the patio, some nachos and papusas at sunset didn't hurt me at all.