I spent the night covering the election with

, both on the radio and on Channel 28. We had the opportunity, during the course of the night, to interview Rep. Brian Egolf, Appeals Court Judge Tim Garcia, First Judicial District Judge Mary Marlowe, Undersheriff and Sheriff-elect Robert Garcia, Benito Martinez, who appears to have lost his bid for assessor, county commissioner candidate Angelica Ruiz, who came in third in the district 3 race, and Sheriff Greg Solano, who was extremely tan.

Most of the returns we were looking at throughout the night were incomplete, making some of the tight races impossible to call. At approximately 10 pm, County Clerk Valerie Espinoza, who visited with us throughout the evening, handed me the final unofficial tallies. The clerk's office has 10 days to certify these results, which will include potential changes after they tally in provisional ballots. With some of these close races, it's possible we'll see requests for recounts (it's reported today by the New Mexican that Carl Trujillo may ask for one in his race), but only time will tell.

In the meantime, here's how some of the contested races ended up so far in the races (there were a total of 22,034 votes counted)

In the

Santa Fe County Democratic primary for Lt. Governor, Joe Campos

came out ahead with 28.89 percent of the vote, followed by Jerry Ortiz y Pino at 21.53. Brian Colon just edged out Lawrence Rael in Santa Fe County, with 20.22 percent of the vote compared to Rael's 20.05, and Linda Lopez garnered 9.30 percent of the vote.

By comparison, statewide, according to the Secretary of State's website, Colon took the race with 28.7 percent of the vote.

On the Republican side,

John Sanchez

became the lt. governor candidate with 39.6 percent of the vote statewide; in Santa Fe County, Sanchez did even better with approximately 45.6 percent of the vote.

GOP gubernatorial winner

Susanah Martinez

took about 54 percent of the vote in Santa Fe County; statewide, she clocked in with just over 50 percent of the vote.

In that district 4 PRC Democratic primary,

Hank Hughes

won handily in Santa Fe County with 48 percent of the vote. His nearest competitor here was

Theresa Becenti-Aguilar

, who had 24 percent of the vote. However, statewide, Becenti-Aguilar took the race with about 36 percent of the vote, and Hughes came in third.

The tightest races in Santa Fe County included the sheriff's race, in which Undersheriff Robert Garcia ended up as the winner, but look at these numbers:

Robert Garcia: 6,465 votes: 41.87 percent

Charlie Dalton: 6,348, 41.11 percent

Rubel A Tafoya, 2,063 votes, 13.36 percent

Rex Doerfer, 564 votes, 3.65 percent

Also close, of course, was the legislative district 46 race, in which Carl Trujillo challenged Speaker of the House Ben Lujan:

Lujan: 2,115 votes, 50.87 percent

Trujillo: 2,043 votes, 49.13 percent

In County Commission, district 3, Robert Anaya, brother of outgoing Commissioner Mike Anaya, came in first, but David Bacon did quite well:

Anaya: 743 votes, 39.84 percent

Bacon: 587 votes, 31.47 percent

Ruiz: 535 votes, 28.69 percent

In Commission District 1, Danny Mayfield took it:

Mayfield: 1,279 votes, 31.94 percent

Jon Paul Romero, 1,185 votes, 29.59 percent

Paul White, 819 votes, 20.45 percent

Lenny Roybal, 722 votes, 18.03 percent

In those First Judicial District races, it looks like all the incumbent appointed judges came through, with the exception of the Division 7 race, in which

David Thomson

ended up with 7,049 votes, or 47.50 percent, compared with

T Glenn Ellington

's 7,792 or 52.50 percent.

Again, all of these results are unofficial until certified, so who knows what will happen in the coming days?

I know we had some interviews from the field that should be up today, and you can replay last night's live blog

. To check other statewide, totals, go th