Ambient Music Pioneer Robert Rich Live
8 pm 
Friday, June 4

$12 at the door

Santa Fe Complex
632 Agua Fria
216 -7562

By Intern Angelique Robinson

If you're the kind of person who will happily spend a Friday night listening to chill music and zoning among a crowd, next week you'll be a happy camper.

Robert Rich, a longtime veteran in the ambient music field, is coming to Santa Fe for a one-night-only performance at the Santa Fe Complex


Rich is more than your average dude behind a synthesizer—he'll happily whip out handmade flutes and a steel guitar to add more depth to the flowing tune.

Rich is renowned not only for his talents in the ambient music industry, but also for his famous all-night sleeping concerts.

During these shows, the audience would doze off in their sleeping bags brought from home and awake to music still flowing through their ears.

Sometimes, Rich would even serve the audience tea following the sleep concert. Yeah, he's cool.

Rich has been active in the ambient music biz internationally since 1982, but his music shows no sign of weathering.

His songs posses an earthy comfort, despite the sound's technical origin


Although Friday's event won't be a sleepover, there is still plenty in store for all who attend.

The music will be coupled with laser projectors and heavily intentional lighting.

This concert is an opportunity to kickback and enjoy yourself. For you workaholics out there, consider it more as an affordable aural therapy session.