According to

, on May 18, the

sued formerly embattled Public Regulation Commission

Jerome Block, Jr.

for $2,115.70.

The credit union wouldn't talk—the woman on the line even refused to give her name—but Block called SFR back promptly with an explanation: It wasn't his money.

Despite a string of scandals that culminated a

New Mexico grand jury indictment

last April (all of which SFR

), Block has held onto his seat on the PRC with


omparatively little


"I had to co-sign for an uncle

of mine," Block tells SFR. "I don't really have much accounts over there." Block says he didn't know about the debt, but when the suit was filed, he paid it. "Now it's taken care of, and

that complaint is going to get lifted by the end of the week,"

Block says.