On May 11, 1st District Judge Raymond Ortiz issued a temporary restraining order against several employees and executives of RainbowVision Properties, the retirement community for gays and lesbians that opened four years ago with accolades from Gov. Bill Richardson and Santa Fe Mayor David Coss.

A petition filed the same day the restraining order was issued by RainbowVision resident Julie Ann McAdam requests six RainbowVision employees be barred from contacting her or issuing eviction threats. McAdam claims RainbowVision President and Chief Executive Officer Joy Silver “order[ed] staff to be abusive to me and my partner.”

As examples, McAdam cites National Director of Marketing and Sales Jane Steinberg “swearing and charging at me with her car in front of my apartment”; Food and Beverage Manager Meghan Turner “physically shoving me and my partner…as we were leaving the clubhouse”; and Communication and Talent Manager James Burnett “threaten[ing] me and my partner, saying, ‘We are going to get you’” following a separate legal complaint involving RainbowVision and McAdam’s partner, Melinda Malone.

McAdam did not immediately return a message from


. CEO Joy Silver declined to make a statement, referring


to a counter-petition filed May 14.

In that petition, Silver says McAdam, who “appears to have anger management issues fueledby the overuse of alcohol,” physically assaulted staff. Silver requests McAdam be barred from contacting staff or entering private and common property at RainbowVision. A hearing is scheduled for May 21 in Judge Ortiz’ courtroom.