Hopefully, the wind will have died down a bit when

begins on Monday, May 17.

Some of the events look pretty cool, actually. There are, however, a couple of noteworthy omissions.

For instance, the

contains no mention of a

ride this year. Presumably, the city of

Santa Fe

, a sponsor and promoter of BTTW, decided a "Community/Family Ride" was more appropriate, or

less likely to generate a lawsuit and upset the police

And while it's all well and good that the organizers will offer free "Youth helmet fitting" on Friday in the Railyard, there's unfortunately no class on "

Why One Shouldn't Ride Against Traffic While Wearing An iPod

." Perhaps that's covered in Thursday's "Bicycle Traffic Skills and Maintenance Basics" class. 


Here's a nifty

of the

Critical Mass

Community/Family Ride on Saturday, May 22

 convoys to the Railyard on Friday, May 21: