This just in from Jackie Topacio, the casting producer for ABC-TV's


We are beginning another huge push in Santa find a great family that we can help with an Extreme Makeover! ...[W]e are looking for families of good people that always give back to their community and deserve an Extreme Makeover to their home. ...Or since New Mexico has unique builds, it can be about a family wanting an Eco-Friendly or Green type home.

April 30 is the deadline

for applying, and families interested in applying (or people interested in nominating a family) should send "a short description of their family story" to

. More tips for applying after the jump.

From Topacio:

Nominations may be submitted by the family or by a member of their community. Each nomination must include the names and ages of every member of the household along with a description of the major challenges within the home. Anyone submitting a nomination should be sure to explain why the nominated family is deserving, heroic, and/or a great role model for their community. If possible, include a recent photo of the family. All nominations must include a contact phone number.

Now go out there, Santa Fe, and get yourself a fancy-ass house.