David Millican, whom SFR

just last month, is reportedly

stepping down from his post as Finance Director

for the city of Santa Fe. From today's

New Mexican


[Millican] said his decision to leave is partly based on results of a peer review by top administrators preparing to restructure the city organization.

Not sure what that means, exactly, but SFR put a call in to Millican this morning.

Free Stuff:

Santa Fe County reported last night that it has received "336 recycle bins from the Aluminum Company of America Recycle bin grant through the New Mexico Recycling Coalition." Complicated syntax aside, YOU, yes you, can get a free bin! More after the jump.

Here's the skinny: It's first come, first served for the April 19 pickup date; you must be a resident and recycler in Santa Fe County; and you have to fill out a recycling questionnaire three months after you get the bin. How they're going to enforce that, I have no idea, though I can imagine something like the Green Police (see below).

*Note: The


actually broke the story yesterday; read it