When a town experiences a tragedy, it's hard to choose just the right way to express grief, loss, hope and healing. Some organize concerts, some curate art shows, some write songs—and, in the wake of last summer's

that killed four teens (Rose Simmons, 15, Julian Martinez, 16, Alyssa Trouw, 16, and Kate Klein, 16) and left one injured, Santa Fe has tried just about every method it can to help the hurt.

The latest in a string of memorials, in the company of

music compilation, is a sculpture by local artist Bates Wilson. The piece was commissioned by John Simmons and Gwyn Madeen, parents of victim Rose Simmons after the grieving parents saw Wilson's artwork at the

art festival in November. The outer rim of the heart has been left blank, and at a ceremony this Saturday, family and friends of the teens are invited to engrave their thoughts and messages on the metal. (Click the image above for a larger version.)

The permanent home of the sculpture, according to

Executive Director Ana Gallegos y Reinhart, is to be determined. "At some point in the near future," she writes via email, "the winged sculpture will be installed at Cathedral Park at the current yet temporary memorial site."


Noon-5 pm
Saturday, March 13

Warehouse 21
1614 Paseo de Peralta