Dee Gragg, who teaches crop circles and extraterrestrial life at New Mexico State University,

scoffs at

that the British government plans to destroy records of UFO sightings. Gragg says civilian databases are expansive enough to fill the void—and as for the things only governments know, "They're never going to release that [anyway]," Gragg tells SFR.

In the absence of government's admission that UFOs and ETs exist (what those in the know call "disclosure"), then, Gragg is writing a book on the subject, and he was kind enough to send us the Epilogue, which explains why extraterrestrials will keep coming to earth: They're worried about our environment! Read excerpts after the jump.


, by Dee Gragg


Let's begin with what is not going to happen. There will be no disclosure. The government is not now nor is it ever going to tell what it knows about UFOs, ETs, etc. Why should they? They have no motivation to do this. There is nothing to gain and much to lose by such a revelation.

Such a revelation by government officials would have to begin with admitting to more than 60 years of lies to the American people - that the UFOs they said didn't exist, actually did. Not only that, the UFOs can outperform anything the United States possesses and can disintegrate at will any aircraft or missile system we have



...The government has long claimed that UFOs represented no threat to national security. In a way, that is true, but not because they couldn't have obliterated us at any time. It is because they have no intention of doing us harm. So, for this deceptive reason, the government may actually be telling the truth.

Further, full disclosure would have to include the revelation that more than a million of our citizens that have been unwillingly abducted - that the abductees have been forced into a huge effort by the ETs, to create a race of human/ET hybrids and we have no way of stopping this work



...Besides, who would disclose this? Not President Obama for he not only doesn't have this information,

he has no need to know!

This was illustrated dramatically When President Ronald Reagan

asked Vice President George Bush about UFOs and ETs and he was told he had no need to know6. The President of the United States, the Commander-In-Chief, had no need to know! Presumably, Bush was aware of this from having previously served as Director of Central Intelligence....

ETs Nuclear Concerns

Now, to what seems sure to happen. The ETs will be forced to appear and take charge of our planet in order to protect their continuing research. Notice, I didn't say come down to earth. They are already here so they don't have to come from anywhere!

They have long been concerned about our destroying our planet by either nuclear holocaust or pollution. Initially, they shadowed our aircraft and monitored anyplace where we might have nuclear weapons. This led to our downing one of their UFOs at Roswell.

...The UFO went down 15 minutes before midnight and at daylight a huge convoy left Roswell Army Air Field to recover it


. Remember, this was the Fourth of July weekend. Yet we were able to respond in the time from midnight to daylight with a crane, flat bed truck, UFO recovery team, photographers, medical personnel, a Sandia ET recovery team, ambulances, and enough guards to form an inner ring and an outer ring. No, this was no surprise....

To amplify, I was in the Old Army just 6 years after this crash and there was no way we could have organized a run to the Post Exchange in the six hours, beginning at midnight on the Fourth of July weekend. We couldn't have done this even if we could have found enough people sober...

ETs Pollution Concerns

However, the pollution problem has not been solved nor is there much hope that it ever will be. The United States and other developed nations have pledged little more than lip service to reducing pollution. As I write this President Obama has just returned from Copenhagen from another Let's Pretend We Are Going to Do Something About Global Warming summit...

[W]ith pollution producing global warming, how long can the ETs wait before we force them to intervene? Of course, anything at this point is just a guess albeit an intelligent guess.

They must intervene before an irreversible tipping point occurs.

“West Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are vulnerable to even small additional warming9. These two-mile-thick behemoths respond slowly

at first, but if disintegration gets well underway it will become unstoppable....sea level rise of at least two meters is likely this century. Hundreds of millions of people would become refugees. No stable shoreline would be reestablished in any time frame that humanity can conceive.”

Obviously, the ETs would not knowingly permit this. But the real questions are; do they know or understand what a tipping point is and that it is a point of no return, how could they tell where the tipping point is, and knowing this, how conservative would they feel like they must be?

So, when will the Extraterrestrials appear? That is of course unknowable. But, the certain[t]y is that

they will appear,

because our irresponsible use of our planet will push them into it!

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