District judge dismisses several criminal charges against Public Regulation Commissioner Jerome Block Jr. and his father, saying the attorney general overstepped his authority.
Kind of like a judge who doesn’t let a jury decide for itself…

Legislators table domestic partnership bill, effectively ending its chances of survival.
Let’s hope voters do the same for them on election day.

City councilors postpone decision on Wi-Fi.
They need to do more research on the internet before they decide.

Feds criticize safety lapses at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Until issues are addressed, lab employees have to stay away from sharp objects and nuclear missiles.

Former accountant for the New Mexico Finance Authority is being investigated for suspicious financial transactions.
Legislature considering bill that would ban public employees from having access to money.

Santa Fe’s living wage won’t increase from $9.85 per hour this year.
And will be renamed Just Barely Living Wage.

New Mexico Rail Runner is running on federal stimulus dollars.
And vegetable oil.

This is other imagenCredits: Wehaa Dev
This is other imagenCredits: Wehaa Dev