Today, New Mexico's own US Sen. Tom Udall (D) brought some fresh, reformist air to the Senate Rules Committee. Here's Udall on the need, recently obviated by the Supreme Court's

decision, for

overhauling campaign finance:

Udall's "ideal solution," he says, is a constitutional amendment—the


corporations' ability to weigh in heavily on political campaigns—but he says he plans to introduce a bill anyway. The forthcoming bill, Udall says, "makes fundamental, wholesale changes" to campaign finance and "contains a finding that

America's faith in the election system has been fundamentally corrupted

by big money from outside interest groups."

Yeah, Udall! Let's hope this doesn't somehow get twisted into a partisan showdown. Here's the kicker: "It's my hope that the high court's

disappointing decision

will provide the push we need to put elections back in the hands of average Americans."