What's new with the Video Library? Parking spaces, for starters.

After 21 years at its Marcy Street location, the Video Library has moved to its new (and improved) spot next to Travel Bug in the Harvey Building on Paseo de Peralta. The move, which took place during the snowstorm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of last week, was the first time Video Library has been closed for a day in over 26 years, according to Video Library's owner Lisa Harris.

"When the rest of the world is off, they want movies," Harris says of Video Library's 365-day-a-year schedule.

The new location is bigger, brighter and all around better according to Harris. A bay window has replaced the blocked windows of yore. The old location's carpet has been upgraded to the clean lines of the new location's linoleum. Big aisles and skylights close out the claustrophobic feel of the old store. Pets are still welcome and the rental file cards are as lo-tech as ever.

Employees and patrons of Video Library, continually voted


in November by news that they'd have to leave their longtime location. But with the move completed, Harris says, "It's a better deal for sure."

And with a strong campaign to get the word out about the move, including maps and directions plastered over the old location's windows, it seems most of the old patrons have found the Harvey Building. Over the weekend "tons of people were in taking out movies," Harris says.

Does Harris miss the old location? "Not yet," she says.