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The fact of the matter is there is such a thing as being hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. The degree depends on how well our energy fields are providing us shielding and how effectively our energy anatomy is functioning. While I'm not sold on Arthur Firstenberg's malady claims to their fullest extent, I consider your reference of him and his mention of chemicals on airplanes a bit of a cheap shot. After all: Both chemicals and EMF fundamentally reduce to frequency/vibration. So it is probable that individuals who are overly sensitive to chemicals are also overly sensitive to EMF.
Richard Dean Jacob
Santa Fe

Applied Science
Regarding the science of electrical hypersensitivity, check out Myoung Soo Kwon et al [and their] 2008 "Perception of the electromagnetic field emitted by a mobile phone." Two of the participants could tell whether the phone was on 95 times out of 100. The odds of this happening by chance are less than one in a billion trillion. Jörg Schröttner and Norbert Leitgeb's 2003 [book] found that, compared to the general population, many electrosensitives are much more sensitive to low frequency current applied to their skin.

I realize the World Health Organization and other official-sounding bodies are behind on the science. Ironically, the former director general of the WHO, Gro Harlem Brundtland, discovered that she suffers from electrical hypersensitivity and proved it to herself in blind tests. The WHO EMF committee that is more often quoted was chaired by the infamous Michael Repacholi, who was accepting industry money on the side.

I've witnessed proof that Arthur's symptoms are frequently caused by microwaves from wireless devices. To learn more about how a neighbor's electronics can be a problem, read "Is Dirty Power Making You Sick?" in the most recent issue of Prevention.
Bill Bruno
Santa fe

That Tone
Wow…I went to 222 Shelby gallery and had a totally refreshing experience seeing the Gees Bend work. How wonderful to have informed conversation about art, without attitude. The negativity of John Photos' review echoes the subtle but constant pressure by "experts" to disdain a working artist product to further market a great product, not to mention the enthusiasm of a passionate art dealer. I closed my own gallery last year. Lucky Photos never came in; I would have irritated him with my passion for the art, too. Somehow the compliments at the end don't make up for the condescending tone. Hotel art? Those prints are hot…more denial of talent. How sad. It reminds me of how I recently heard Simon Brackley, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, say we don't make anything in Santa Fe.
H Margret
Santa Fe

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