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But should you yearn for something deeper, here are the interview questions we couldn't fit on handy trading cards: the candidates' opinions of their own

strengths and weaknesses,

plus their

top priorities if elected.

Miguel Chavez

, 55

Currently: City Councilor, Dist. 3

Running for: Mayor

Talking point: Transparency. “[I plan] to make city government more responsible through open and transparent government.

We have a revolving door at City Hall

; we play musical chairs.”

Self-declared strength: Going hyperlocal. “My greatest strength as a city councilor has been my ability to connect with the neighborhoods and focus on the issues that citizens are facing—infill, traffic, crime, a gap in city services. I've been very strong and consistent in assisting neighborhoods to organize. I'm going to continue that as mayor.”

David Coss

, 55

Currently: Mayor

Running for: Mayor

Talking point: Economy. “By working with our many partners in this community that I've established, whether it's a small business, alternative energy, the community college, the College of Santa Fe...[There are] so many great groups I've demonstrated I can work with and I know can help create jobs.”

Self-declared strength: “Commitment.

I have the ability to stick with things,

see them through and get them done—like the College of Santa Fe.”

Asenath Kepler

, 58

Currently: former City Manager (2006)

Running for: Mayor

Talking point: Economy and crime. “We need to get the city

financially stabilized

because everything we want to accomplish comes from that—including successfully combating the crime rate.”

Self-declared strength: “My loyalty to the people and workers of Santa Fe.”

Christopher Calvert

, 61

Currently: City Councilor, Dist. 1

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 1

Talking point: Economy. “[My priorities are] financial stability and security. I think we've been doing it—we've put aside reserves in the city budget so we don't find ourselves in the position the state is in.

Not that we're golden, but I think we're in a better position

to weather this downturn and keep providing services that people expect.”

Self-declared strength: “My ability to work with a diverse set of people—all the councilors and all the different people in the community.”

Doug Nava

, 34

Currently: employed at the state Taxation & Revenue Department

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 1

Talking point: Budget. “I hope to use my help generate the gross receipts revenue needed so furloughs don't take help

generate revenue


get people going


Self-declared strength: Organization. “I'm very, very organized. [People] laugh when they see how clean and organized I am.”

Russell Simon

, 28

Currently: Community Manager, WestGate Properties

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 1

Talking point: City Council overhaul. “Starting the process to switch to at-large city councilors: That's the change we need to be able to make a lot of other changes. Voters are for the most part familiar with it and supportive of it.

Anyone who pays attention to city politics

sees that there's

a lot of divisiveness

there, and if you offer them something that has the potential to move us past that divisiveness then they'll be very supportive.”

Self-declared strength: “My diverse background and experience, including time in business, working for nonprofits, on political campaigns and as a journalist.”

Stefanie Beninato

, 59

Currently: Mediator

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 2

Talking point: Transparency. “Although I know that water and the budget are obvious priorities...[My main focus is on] transparency, accountability and fairness at City Hall so the people working there can feel proud of where they work, and citizens and other people who need information feel confident they're getting the right answer.

In the situation with Rebecca Wurzburger and her county job

, if we had better ethics regulations, it would be clearer what to do.”

Self-declared strength: “I listen well, and I'm fair.”

Rebecca Wurzburger

, 61

Currently: City Councilor, Dist. 2

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 2

Talking point: Economy. “[My priority is] the financial stability of the city—maintaining a balanced city budget, not going further into the reserves, maintaining small businesses and job retention and looking for opportunities for growth.”

Self-declared strength: “My ability to work with other councilors to form a consensus position. S

ome councilors talk about counting the votes; I do the hard work

to clarify the policy so we can work together and move forward.”

Carmichael Dominguez

, 39

Currently: City Councilor, Dist. 3

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 3

Talking point: District 3 capital projects. “I want to follow through with some of the capital projects that have been not quite funded but almost funded [like] the effluent line in Tierrra Contenta. I also want to make a priority

redevelopment along the Airport Road corridor


Self-declared strength: “The fact that I make myself available and accessible to constituents. Beyond that, I'm able to communicate and collaborate with other councilors to get things done.”

Ronald Trujillo

, 41

Currently: City Councilor, Dist. 4

Running for: City Councilor, Dist. 4

Talking point: Public safety. “My priority is going to be public safety and

making sure we have enough officers

now that we're starting to annex. Hopefully the economy gets better and we're able to hire more positions, if gross receipts taxes go up. We need to be finding ways we can create some revenue.”

Self-declared strength: “I've been a good listener and a good communicator. I've been able to work with my constituents and with city staff, and we've accomplished a lot these past four years."