Consultants say Gov. Bill Richardson should have less power over the State Investment Council.
Or more culpability


State Investment Council says it needs $6 million to cover its legal expenses.
We know some third-party marketers who might have some to lend them.


Gov. Bill Richardson says no one should call him a lame duck.
What about all the other things people are calling him?


State Department of Workforce Solutions will call unemployed New Mexicans about their benefits.
So don't call them; they'll call you.


City officials have figured out how to deal with the humidity and leaking problem at Genoveva Chavez Community Center.
They're turning it into a tropical rain forest.


Pete Domenici Jr. considering a run for governor.
Boy, that name sounds familiar.

NM Legislature convenes at noon, Jan. 19.
Happy hour at Rio Chama? Shortly thereafter.