SFR's year end crossword puzzle wraps up the year in news and gives readers a chance to strut their media literacy. Print it out and test your news wits.

3. This campaign says shopping at Walmart is "buying local."
5. NM's latest anti-DWI spokesman played the highway cop known as ___.
8. SFR blog.
11. Ben Ray's veteran challenger.
12. Four-letter word for Santa Fe's 400th anniversary plans.
15. Bill stepped in to save this Santa Fe school; it hosts a weekend flea market.
16. A Santa Fe New Mexican street vendor was busted for selling this northern New Mexico delicacy.
17. Using a sandwich bag, a LANL worker stole radioactive ___.
19. Increasingly scarce; Las Campanas can't pay the bill for it on time.
21. He worked in the Roundhouse; he lived in a castle; now he's in prison.
23. New boss for the labs.
26. FAA records show this happened 30 times in New Mexico this year; Sully managed to land after a double.
29. Rebecca Vigil-Giron's former job is also her distress call, after her 2009 indictment.
33. Sure sign of the Aporkalypse.
34. The state invested $18 million with this Ponzi heir.
35. After signing the death penalty repeal, Gov. Bill Richardson was honored here.
36. Under a new proposal, this teenage plague, and its tamer root, would be banned while driving.

1. Despite auction hype, these garish condos didn't sell.
2. Was renamed TMST to disassociate from this, the founder's surname.
4. New Mexico has a smaller share of residents with health insurance than any state except ___.
6. Name that makes up the second half of the name of a bar where Carlos Fierro had been drinking; defunct.
7. Now connects to LAX; also, ___ Financial, Goldstone's new company.
9. Transfer tax for affordable housing, defeated by your friendly neighborhood ___®.
10. Some state leaders want to tax this essential item, regressivity be damned.
13. Poet ___; Nobel ___; and now CSF overlords ____, Inc.
14. Where David Iglesias followed Greg Zanetti, who was there with KSM.
18. SFSR's complaints cut short a visit by a train promoting the Disney remake of the seasonal fable by this dead Englishman.
20. Survey shows its employees have ethics; its leaders, not so much.
22. Stalled Quadrant.
24. New Mexican in the Gang of Six.
25. Legislators found another use for this DIY porn tool.
27. Faux farmers market.
28. Impersonated on Twitter as Ass4Mayor; wife of Joseph (biblical).
30. Scariest pledge drive ever: No news for a day.
31. David Byrne took this around town before his Lensic show; the weeklong commuter event in its honor had record attendance.
32. State appeals court says that watching two ___ go at it is illegal, no matter what the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo says.

At long last and by popular demand, here are the answers to SFR’s year-end crossword puzzle.

Check back here for news about the winners, if it turns out there are any.